Sustenance Beyond the Reach of Any Other Hotel in Kuwait City

Modern_culinary_delights_by_Executive_pastry_chef_Raffaele_GrassoThe World Travel Tours gave The Regency Kuwait two awards that indicated that they are the best hotel in Kuwait City. This is their proof of hard work and sheer determination in keeping their guests happy. A testament to the way they sustained the quality of service that they have been known for.

The Regency has been molded by individuals brought up following the same principles. The ethics of Sharia tells the people to be conservative in public. This includes when bathing in recreational spots such as swimming pools. Crazy it may sound but any guest when out in public should be conservative with the way they dress. It is the city’s culture and guests should know how to adapt. But do not let that stop you from having fun. The Regency Kuwait has an infinity pool overlooking the majestic creation that is the Arabian Gulf. It makes a regular de-stressing an experience you would not like to forget. Aside from the view, they have a swim up bar which is exclusive to their in-house guests. It is where they serve beverages that they have been known for. The ladies’ lounge is something to adore. It is a paradise for females where no man is allowed. In addition, the kids also have their own swimming pool which ensures their safety. It is clear that every age group and gender has been taken into consideration.

The Regency is the only hotel in Kuwait City to offer variations of menus in different locations inside their vicinity. The venue you choose may reflect your mood. For example, taking yourself poolside is proof of how lively you want your day is. Their bar is able to serve refreshing drinks that will surely cool you off. The same drinks are offered at the bar near the beach as well. You just have to sit back and relax. Let the waves of the ocean soothe your soul and doze you off to sleep. It is the perfect place to keep your mind free of all the troubles. But if the sun is not that high, you can stay at the swim up bar at the infinity pool. They serve the same beverages and gives you time to converse with other in house guests of the hotel. They just have it all covered. If this does not suit you, their guests are free to choose other locations in the hotel.

The Regency is also excited to open their Gourmet and Balsamico restaurant. The Gourmet serves freshly made pastries and desserts. It is a sure thing to tickle your sweet side. The Balsamico, on the other hand, serves dynamic concoctions of different Italian drinks. It will reinvigorate you.

But they do not limit themselves into pampering their guests. The Regency looks to it that their guests are in top shape. Their modern gym equipment is something to be psyched about. And they are the only hotel in Kuwait City to offer a dance program in their fitness center.

No matter how you look at it, the Regency looks to sustain their services. But this is not for another reward. This time, the goal is to provide their guests with amenities that look forward only in getting better.


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