Discover Kuwait City By Staying At The Regency Hotel

imag23esKuwait City is an excellent destination for a wedding, business trip, family vacation or getaway. If you are looking for a hotel in Kuwait City, look for The Regency. For business meetings, you’ll have a Banquet team to set you up in one of several conference rooms. For a wedding, you can get married right on the beach and enjoy a classic reception in one of four ballrooms. The hotel’s highly trained staff and luxury accommodations will suit your needs – whatever they may be.

The Regency is literally a one stop destination. Of course, you’ll be close to the heart of downtown Kuwait and can explore freely, but if you find yourself never wanting to leave The Regency, you won’t have to. With many fine dining options, spas, gyms and resort activities, you’ll be fulfilled all day long at The Regency. Your room will have a view of the ocean or gardens, and you can open your windows at night to let the fresh air waft in.

The hotel is located right on the beach, so of course, you’ll be spending plenty of time in the sun. You can choose from two private beaches and five private pools, all customized for different purposes. There is a lap pool for exercise, a ladies only pool for bachelorettes to enjoy, two pools meant for children and families, an infinity pool with a bar that you can actually swim up to. That’s right! You can have cocktail hour right inside the pool.

By now, you should be convinced that The Regency is your dream hotel, but you should visit your website for more information. At, you’ll find detailed photo galleries showing every facet of what the hotel has to offer. You’ll feel like you know the place just from looking at their photos, and you’ll be sure to love what you see.


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